Do I keep trying this? On 4th Oven and continuously shutting itself off.

We love our APO when it works as it’s the perfect combo for when we want to Sous Vide, Bake, Reheat, and Broil. Unfortunately, we are on our 4th oven although the first replacement was due to whining noise from the fan. The symptoms all occur when we are trying to do traditional oven activities in the 375-425F temperature range, baking a pizza or broiling a roast. The oven consistently turns itself off after a duration, usually 8-15 minutes. We’ve tried everything from different plugs to now relocating the oven to our dinner table where it has maximum air circulation on all sides and still the same result… shut off. It’s not our electrical setup we’ve tried different plugs on different circuits, and the circuit breakers never trip. Other appliances with similar wattage requirements (e.g. large air fryer) that never have a problem. Customer Support has been very nice however reading the posts on this forum and the broader internet there seems to be some sort of quality control issue going on? Been a big supporter of Anova ever since our Gen 1 Sous Vide Cooker and really want the APO to work but it’s just driving us nuts. Not to mention it’s quite heavy to be dragging the oven to UPS every few months for a replacement.

Mine started doing that the week before last, while baking bread. I read some old threads and learned to press at the same time the wifi and start buttons, holding them down for I think 15 seconds (ignore what happens during that time). Then I got some weird screens and in the end, the oven turning off stopped happening. I did need to make a new connection to my phone.

PS I love this oven. It has been my main oven for several years now.I never turn on my gas range.

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You may get one that is okay. I’m on my 3rd and this one works well except the whining fan noise at startup. My warranty expires in a couple of months so if anything is going to blow up on it again I hope it is soon!

Oh god, I am having the same issue. I am so mad.

I just sent my second one back and they are sending me a third. This shut-off business has been going on for a while. Is 8t cheaper for then to send new ones out than to fix the issue? At some point when it dies again i’ll trash it, and will never buy a new APO again.