Full steam ahead when no steam called for

I got my APO in December however did not start using it until January due to a kitchen reno.

I have come across this when not calling for steam with the rear element running at above 400 I get full steam generation sometimes.

Steam is Off.

No Food cooked previously so no residual moisture etc with the oven completely dry and along with the drip tray.

However this is sporadic in nature and sometimes on the exact same settings it works fine with no steam generated.

I have contacted support, however strangely they seem to be in denial that there is anything wrong.

Has anyone experienced this ?

Planning on returning within the 100 day satisfaction guarantee.

If not already found, refer to bottom of the site (footer) for contact with Anova, they don’t monitor / assist folk on these boards, otherwise you’ll be waiting time eternal for a CS response here.

Thanks for your reply. I have been in contact with Anova for the past week and sent videos etc.

They seem to be in denial and given me copy and paste answers rather than any constructive way in solving the issue.

Really unfortunate as I was looking forward to using this oven.

Sorry to say it over & again but…

Anova CS give flow chart answers rather than good real world product knowledge, thus the crashing around in the dark copy & paste from them.

You will need to request the CS boss, not the minions who I really do not rate as competent, generally speaking.

If you look on the photo’s of the Anova staff it is not difficult to work out their emails, which are all first name . surname @ etc (or along those lines anyway) I found this out via a simple google, check as it may have changed.

If you try as instructed “just in case” then update the case & then refund / another carbon heavy delivery & uplift of your product.

The impossible DOES happen, we own a very dangerous tesla model 3 that they will not & cannot fix the software for which has not worked properly for 3 years since new, thats why backroom technical folk SHOULD be on the frontline, as is they will be missing a lot of opportunity to learn from quirks of their own product, …idiocy, It makes me cringe when AI driving is bigged up, our cameras don’t work in most incidents, like when crashed into, multiple times & a bodily assault in front of the car (but it will pick up the postman delivering letters)

Dodgy software coders eh.

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