Like many of you my APO has a cracked water tank

This is a huge issue happening to many people (just check out and I am past month 3 waiting on Anova to do something. They keep telling me, “nope, we have no replacements to send you yet” meanwhile they are still shipping new units. I try to call and they play some hold music and pretend somebody might pick up, but nobody picks up, they just send you to a voicemail box where you can leave your contact info and say someone will call later. I did this and they called but only let it ring once before hanging up. I’m blown away at how terrible customer service is. This oven costs way too much to send them out with such a huge flaw and then to make someone wait this long on a replacement part, unbelievable. They claim to have a fantastic warranty, but what good is it if they will not honor it.

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Hi, we are so sorry for the inconvenience. Please email and we can assist ASAP!

I have been doing that quite a bit, but for the last 3 months support has been telling me they no replacement tanks to send me! Phone support appears to be worse than non-existent, because despite not actually speaking to customers on the phone, you have a voicemail box where you pretend that you are taking support cases.

Ok, I have little faith they will do anything but this is what I sent to the existing email thread for my issue:

Oh I just got a response on the Anova Culinary community forums. The official Anova account via employee [redacted] just replied to my post on the community forum. He says "Hi, we are so sorry for the inconvenience. Please email and we can assist ASAP!" Is that true? Are you able to send me a replacement tank? I would hope that Anova wouldn't reply to such posts just for the purpose of looking like they were not failing their customers on the community forum.

Ok 24 hours later they got back to me and told me still they can’t send me a replacement water tank. So no your support team is unable to assist ASAP. I’ve left more voicemails now and still nobody will call me. If the very essential water tank wouldn’t crack on these units it would be a very nice product.

I they can’t replace the tank, you clearly have a non functional product, and the warranty should kick in, ask them to either replace the oven :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: or return it

Exactly, I can’t understand why so many put up with this, a steam oven where the water tank is leaking? If they can’t replace a necessary component, just send it back, order a new one if you like and be done with it.
This water tank issue is what’s holding me back from buying the Anova oven and I certainly won’t buy one until this is sorted out. But once they fix this I’m going to.

Hello! The redesign of the water tank has been a focus for months and one design iteration has been shipping for several months. We are still exploring the best options!

Hi, thanks so much for your patience! Tanks were replenished and your order was shipped yesterday. You should have a tracking number in your email.

Ok, then just say that. Saying something like “Please email and we can assist ASAP!” Is clearly just trying to keep the issue as quiet as you can in the community forums. Be up front, say it make take a while, and avoid misleading phrases like ASAP. Anova customer support is difficult enough to deal with, then to put deceitful language on top of all of that makes it extra irritating. Also if your phone support is just taking voicemail messages just don’t even bother with having a support phone number. I understand a call center can be a big expense. Maybe chat support would be less costly? But this email support is too slow for any customer with an issue to come away satisfied. Also I never got anyone to call me back, despite leaving 5 voicemails each with all my contact information. I don’t plan to recommend Anova products to anyone. If I didn’t already have this combi oven I’d be looking to another brand after this customer service experience.

Appreciate the feedback greatly. Please let us know how we can help at anytime.

Still exploring options, that’s newspeak for we haven’t solved it yet?

Finally after Months of waiting for a replacement water tank I have one supposedly on the way. The sum total is however it is still not fixed but they are using a different material that might still craze but supposedly not crack so that it leaks. It would be nice if Anova would be more transparent and let the users know where they are with a fix and update this at least on a by weekly basis. If it were not for the users that have bought in they would not have a product to sell and they should not forget that.

Appreciate that feedback, Mike! That is correct, this is an improvement over the initial and the team is hard at work on an even better solution. Thanks for being a loyal #anovafoodnerd

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Have you considered a hybrid stainless tank? Or even glass? Or re-routing the hot steam that I suspect is causing the problem?