Cracked water tank, no solution

The water tank of our Anova oven has been cracked for quite some time and started to leak the water in June 2022. I reported that to Anova but dure to supply line issues no replacement was not available. After a number of inquiries from me on progress it has now been almost 5 months since first reported and still no progress.
Have others experienced such long time to get a replacement? I love the oven while it was working, but a big part of that is the steam for different recipes and not being able to use it for this long time is starting to be beyond acceptable.

Mine cracked early on and I had to wait for a replacement. In the mean time, I used white Flex-Seal to seal the tanks. There is only one type of Flex Seal that is food safe, so choose carefully. But that got me back to cooking while I waited for a replacement.

June seems like far too long ago. Might be worth asking them again about a replacement.