oven loses power in steam mode

When I start the APO and, for example, at 350 degrees then set steam to 15% in about 10-20 seconds the oven powers off and I mean OFF, no lights on controls,no inside light and no response or lights from touch controls. This happens EVERYTIME I use the steam function. I checked the power at the outlet each time and it is OK. in order to continue I have to unplug it for about 1 minute then plug it back in and wait 2-3 minutes for it to power back up.
I am beginning to wish I had not bought the oven. The first one had the fan motor bearing fail after 1 month. I would expect that in the convection mode the temperature would be even throughout the oven but it will over cook at the back so I have to turn whatever I am cooking to avoid burning. this oven has no advantage over my conventional oven in that regard.
I wish I had known that to get full functionality the use of the app was required. I don’t like using my phone in the kitchen because I don’t like handling the phone with food on my hands, plus I am sure my phone is not sterile. So frustrated because I had high hopes for this oven.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Sounds like the machine is protecting itself from a problem. If I was guessing, I’d say there was some sort of short in the boiler. Contact Support. they’ll help you.

I’m having exactly the same problem with my oven did you find out what the problem was and did you manage to get it fixed. I’ve contacted customer support and am still Waiting for a reply.


I was still within the warranty period so I returned the oven and they shipped me a new one. Monece(sp) was very helpful. good luck.

I had a issue similar to this during a steam cook the oven turned off. Unfortunately mine never came back, not even when it has been unplugged for 24 hours.
No display or light. I have solid power at the plug and even checked power at the control board. All good. I have emailed support 3 times now but no response (been a week now hoping they respond soon) I do love the oven mine 8s about 1.5 years old