Precision oven moisture in between glass

Am I the only one experience moisture build up in between the glass on the oven door?

Are you reading other threads?

No I can’t say I’m reading all of them. I’m assuming you’re implying I’m not the only one…

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It is not easy to search for this topic, and Yes, it has been discussed.

See Precision Oven - Failed door seal allowing water in glass cavity?

Contact Anova Support for assistance.

I have contacted them but like others in here they aren’t getting back to us…or at least in a satisfactory time frame. I have some time…and will just process a return if I don’t hear back.

It hasn’t really effected the performance of the oven at the moment so I’m taking the time to enjoy the oven for the remainder of the return window and see of they have a solution. So far it’s a really great oven.

Yes, me too. Steam buildup between glass on oven door.

You can see it in this image. I don’t think its causing problems, but its annoying.

No doubt it’s annoying. I haven’t had it a week and it spits so much steam out the front that it has started to whiten the plastic around there. Many things make this thing feel like it was rushed. They sold it like it was a premium product. And then cut a lot of corners or rushed the release.

The cookie sheet is a good example. How does anyone working there hold that in their hands and watch it not sit flat and kink one way and the other so easily and say it’s good to go. It’s unfortunate. It’s looking more and more like a return for me. And I’m bummed out about it.

The idea is so cool. Maybe a second or third generation would be worth the price tag. But at this point I feel a bit ripped off. And it’s not working as advertised.

Show me.

The pan that came with the oven is for the bottom of the oven when you descale. It’s not a cookie sheet.

De scaling pan? Wtf? The oven racks are also pretty flimsy and weak. Don’t slide well either.

Also I’m using reverse osmosis water. Less than 20 ppm dissolved solids. So the plastic isn’t liking the moisture/heat. And I’m only at the bottom of the first tank of water.

Have you read the manual? You seem surprised at the function of the pan.

I’m guessing you can wipe the plastic off?

Since the contents of the oven gas/air escape in that corner any smoke or other particulates may combine and get deposited there.

If you have RO do you also have an alkaline post membrane conditioner? Just curious because that is becoming more common. Maybe simply use distilled for a while to rule out your water.

You are missing the warning sticker on that corner. Any chance you scrubbed it or used a cleaning product or goof off etc?

I don’t re-alkalize the water. So it’s low dissolved solids.

Also there was no sticker there.

And I tried to clean it with a mild scrubber with no success.

Yes. I didn’t know the pan wasn’t a cookie sheet. I read most of the manual but god forbid I thought it was a cookie sheet.

I also disagree this is a descaling pan after reading that section. They use the “solid pan” in the descaling process. Doesn’t mean that it’s only use. Thanks for making me feel stupid for criticizing it though.

How many pans did you receive with your oven?




Can you say how much you have used your oven? How long do you think you have run with steam in total? What sort of things have you been cooking in the oven and do you think there has been any smoke or spatter etc? Have you cooked anything that contained alcohol?

Your image does look like there has been some scrubbing in the area where I have a sticker. If you take a little vinegar on a soft cloth and wipe the area does any of the discoloration come clean?

btw: I don’t like that sticker. I think its a bit silly for this pricing, but this kind of thing can happen with a rev one product to meet safety requirements or last minute adjustments in manufacturing or packaging. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I’m maybe more tolerant that other consumers for new products. I’d prefer to see an etched or embossed warning.

I ask because there is a perforated pan in many of the marketing shots and mentioned in quite a few recipes that we didn’t get. I’m guessing they intended to include one, but had to ship without one. Support says they are potentially making one to fit the oven and will have it available on the website at some point.

I know you are unhappy with the oven, but I’m not sure being snarky with me is going to help. I’d like you to be happy with the oven or know you have returned it. But I think you should at least give it a chance. You have a couple of months to use it while you can still return it. You could use it, return it and wait for a rev2 or later in the manufacturing process to buy another one if there are just some early release issues giving you grief.

When I unpacked that solid pan, to be honest, I never considered it was included for cooking. It’s quite thin. Of course you can use a metal thing that fits in the oven for whatever.

So you agree the pan is pretty crap…good

Mine didn’t have a sticker on it. I tried cleaning it with vinegar and a mild scrubbing sponge. It’s not cleaning up. I have put 1 tank full of water in it and it’s got about an inch left. Most of the cooking has been breads and some pizzas early on.

My frustration isn’t with you. It’s with the product that isn’t living up to the expectations.

Have you initiated a return and if not, why not?