Avova oven throws water from the back panel and accumulates in botom

image image image image image I received my oven on Friday. I used it during weekend and on monday it started throwing water from the back panel into the oven.
I called support and left several messages.
I sent emails and only the first email was answered and told me they needed to check videos.
After 2 days no more response and no help at all

Its a new oven and I cant use it and nobody helps or cares.
Customer service is terrible
I am going to try to see if I can return the oven like the web page says.

Think two times before you buy a new product from this company.

Depending on the mode this can be normal.

Can you describe the settings you are using?

Can you post the video?

Its in every setting. It throws a lot of water from the back panel and it floods the bottom of the oven. It is not normal at all.
I cant post videos here. It only allows photos

Can you post a link to the video hosted somewhere else?

Try this:

  • Unplug the oven.
  • Remove the racks or anything else from the oven.
  • Remove the water tank.
  • Replace the water tank
  • Plug in the oven
  • Set the burner to rear
  • Set steam to 0%
  • Set temp to 400
  • Set timer to 30 min
  • Turn on the oven and let it run until it beeps.
  • Tell us what happened.

What about when you want to use hummidity. That is the idea of this oven. Without that its a regular oven.

The above is the test. Just maybe try that before talking about other things.

What do you want to accomplish. Do you work for Anova?
I insist what about using hummidity. It seams dangerous to have all the bottom of the oven flodded with water

I already set it up. I will let you know what happends

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Reset the oven in case you hadn’t disconnected it from power yet.
See if it “throws” water when you have steam off
Dry out the oven
See if will run a full cycle

No. I just want to talk you off the cliff and help you. If you have a faulty oven lets find out. If it’s not faulty lets see if you can get it working to some expectations.

If you read the other thread you will get a better understanding that this is a rev 1 product and you are one of the first to get an oven. There are some issues. Some have faulty ovens. But for the most part it works great.

The best way to find the other oven threads is to click the community link above and then click on “latest”. Most of the threads for the last month are on the oven.

Maybe you can see that video. I have others.
Difficult to see but a lot of water from back panel. From all the holes

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When that was happening what was the oven set to?

Is it doing that now that the oven is 0% steam and set at 400F?

It was set to souis vide at low temperature.
Also it happened at a high temp with hummidity activated.
Now I am testimg and it is not throwing water but it is set to 0

How low?

How high and what temp did you see this happening at and when it reached the high temp was is still doing this?

Yes all the time
This was at high

Souis vide at 145

Yea, I think you need a repair or replacement. I would encourage you to get a replacement and give it another go.

I’m guessing, but I’d imagine there is a leak in the steam generator line in the back.

When you are done running without steam for 30 minutes. Unplug it again and then run 212F with 100% steam for 30 minutes. If it spits water out the holes again I’d call it a real issue.

I will do that. It was coming from those holes in the photo.
Test ended okimage image

With what burner?


I will let you know