Steaming when steam turned off


I received a precision oven yesterday, and successfully cooked my first meal with it, last night. No problems encountered.

However, when I went to prepare a snack today, even though I had the “Steam Settings” set to “OFF” a massive amount of steam came out of the oven, also, when I opened the door after cooking, a wall of steam came out of the oven.
And the snack (fries) rather than being crispy, were a bit on the soggy side.

Also, I have to press “Stop/Start” twice to activate the timer. Is this normal? It doesn’t indicate I should have to do this in the instructions.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hello and welcome,
This is a very common question and you might find the answer faster using the search function but it’s perfectly normal, food is mostly water, 70% or more, when you heat it water evaporates and as it is vented into your kitchen, this water vapour mixes with colder air and small water droplets forms which we can se as a mist escaping the oven, some of it also condensates in the drip tray.
If your chips are soggy it could be because the tray is overstuffed or temp or time is to low, happens also in an ordinary oven. There is a learning curve associated with steam and combi cooking so do some experiments.
Regarding the timer, are you using the app or the handle? If using the app you can choose when the timer starts, default is when temperature is reached but you can override this by pressing the start button.
If I use the handle it doesn’t behave like what you described…

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Perfect answer!

Hello! The steam escaping is totally normal. You can learn more here:

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thank you. Very helpful.

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One day you will help me!


Also, the oven is pretty much air-tight, so it’s helpful to air (steam?) it out while it’s still warm after a steam cook, or there might be residual moisture trapped in the oven.

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I definitely do this, it stays completely wet inside for a long time otherwise