Disaster first use, help!

I put in the chicken and set the timer.
2 hours later I came back to the house filled with smoke. The oven never turned off?!?!
How do I make sure the oven turns off when the timer is up?

It’s not designed to turn off, there is a signal when the time is up but that’s it. You can do a multi stage cooking with the last stage 25C, no steam, no fan and bottom heat which in principle is as close to off you can get. Still, the oven will be very hot for some time so you still have to remove your food, even if you pulled the plug your chicken would be ruined two hours later.

oh, thanks, I’m gonna need that trick…and some luck
I typically put the food in and either get in a meeting or go grocery shopping.
This is gonna be hard to get used to.
Oh wait, I would have to use the app…oh boy, that’s gonna be a deal breaker:(

Oh and that last part isn’t a big problem…I rarely bake, luckily.
I usually steam, and sous vide (it still seems easier with the sous vide stick…I have the original version, it’s still the best!)
If I leave it in the steam for an hour, it won’t be great, but it’s edible. If I over sous vide for an hour, that’s nothing. Neither would burn down the house :smile:
But yeah, having to use an app is a problem :frowning:

Well, if your doing sous vide it shouldn’t be a problem, bag less sous vide is very convenient In my opinion. Sv mode 100 % RH is very close to bagged ordinary sous vide and leaving it one hour extra should not be a problem. What temp and RH did you use?

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I also found out the timer doesn’t turn off the cooking! If i can turn off cooking with app, why can’t it be programmed in?!?! Very counterintuitive.

Anova doesn’t listen. The topic with the most replies is complaining about the same design issue.

It’s also consistently in the top 10 of views.

The only thing they say is “this isn’t like a regular oven” or “other combi ovens also work like this”. Neither is a valid reason not to give a choice that obviously many users want.

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That’s the primary reason why mine was promoted to the basement to collect dust. I was going to send one to each of my cousins, but really it’d just burn down their houses.
It’s different alright. It does not want to behave like a countertop appliance. It thinks it’s a wall oven. It either has a screw you attitude or an identity crisis.

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