What happens when timer ends?

So I am cooking a steak and the timer is set to 1 hour and change. I need to step out and I won’t be back in time to get the steak when the timer goes off. What does the APC do when it’s device timer ends? I am worried it shuts off and will ruins my steak. (I have the current WiFi / BT model)


Nope. One of the GREAT benefits of SV is that it’s VERY difficult to overcook a nice steak. If I want a medium rare steak I choose 130F for 1:30. But if I run out and meet a friend at the local pub and don’t get back until the steak has been cooking for 2-2:30 it will be virtually the same as it was at 1:30. What TECHNOLOGY!! :wink:

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Thank you! It did end up staying on. The timer went off and I got a prompt saying it was keeping my food warm for me.

The cooker will not shut off when the timer is up :slight_smile:

If you check other posts re: the timer I think you’ll find that the general consensus is that the timer function on the Anova borders on useless. It really doesn’t do much except become annoying when it’s done as you basically have to unplug the machine to make it stop. To add insult to injury, just getting to it to set the timer is an exercise in futility. You’re best off just using the timer on your smart phone if you want to be mobile or use some other unit.


This is no longer true (as long as you are using the app). Once you acknowledge the timer ended alert, the device will stop beeping and continue to maintain the tempurature unless you tell it to stop cooking. I do agree the timer is not terribly useful, but it isn’t annoying anymore.

Then I stand corrected. Nevertheless, the BT range is pretty poor so I’ve given using the app entirely except for the recipes. Maybe there’s a WiFi version in my future!

I think the timer is very useful. Although it does not turn off at 0:00, it lets you know that the process is completed. That, to me, is very important, as I am always getting involved with other things that cause me to ignore time.

I’ve been looking for solution as well. There is no point of timer, when it doesn’t turn off heating. I’ve got whole equipment and I’d like to set jars with headcheese (20 pcs.) in black anova container during sleeping, night time.
Which means I’d like to save some electricy and I cannot turn APC during sleep. I’d have to use some timer plug, which would solve problem - but still… Designers supposed to fix it.

Hello! The timer is not supposed to turn the device off. This is a food safety issue. With sous vide, longer “cooking” will not harm the food. The timer is simply a notification/alert.

Thank you for letting me know c:

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