Timer didn't go off

I set the timer and it counted down but didn’t make any noise so my food was overcooked. Any recommendations?

Most sous vide processing is no time critical. With the exception of seafood and perhaps eggs it is unlikely that anything up to extra 2 to 4 hours would have a large detrimental impact on the food flavour or texture.

My point here is that it is not actually necessary to use the timer. You will understand this more as you get used to sous vide processing. The timer is there because people feel that a cooking device should have one. If you need the comfort of a reminder that you have food cooking a standalone timer like the one on your phone is a more reliable option.

Is it usual to not make a sound at end time?

I assume you are talking about the app not making a sound when the timer is finished, in which case it could simply be that you did not hear it. I don’t use the app for various reasons. I find it much quicker to set the APC from its control head.

Which particular Anova model are you using? I don’t know about the new one or the Nano but the original APC used to beep incessantly when the timer ran out.