Anova Precision Cooker did not turn off

Not sure what I did wrong. I set the temperature and the timer and started the machine. It was set to run for 2 hours.

When I returned about 4 hours later the timer was down to 00:00 but the temperature was still at 150º F and the water was still circulating.

I thought that when the time expired the water temperature would also begin to cool. That way nothing would overcook.

What am I not understanding?

The timer doesn’t turn the unit off. You want it to hold the temperature so your food doesn’t dip into the danger zone (40-129F)

Sous vide cooking (with a few exceptions, such as eggs and fish) is remarkably forgiving. Most meats you cook for many hours, so forgetting / getting tied up with other things doesn’t ruin your meal when you get back to it a little late.

Forgive me for being a noob, but I’ve had the same thing today. If it doesn’t switch the unit off, is there any point setting a timer? I’m prepping some ribs for 12 hours. I’ll be able to switch it off myself.

A timer is optional, and is not required. As you saw, the device doesn’t turn off after timing is complete, this is by design!

I understand the reasoning, but I cannot understand why Anova does not add to the program.

If I have a protein to cook @182° for 10 hours, why can’t the computer then say, “OK, times up, drop temperature to 165° until I am turned off”. It never gets to the danger zone and will not get overcooked because I was unable to turn off the sous-vide in the correct amount of time. The user could also set the cook time and the cool down temperature.

I’ll bet the update could be sent wirelessly via the phone app.

This is easy to do with staged cooking.