How to cook from work

I’m a bit confused on how to cook away from home. I understand that you should put it in an ice bath before you leave and you can start it whenever.

When I start it and set a timer (say 45 minutes), it would keep beeping. I am the one cooking away from home, but there will be people at home. I don’t want it to keep beeping. Should I just set a longer timer or not set a timer?

Also, after the minimum cook time has passed, is it supposed to keep it at the same temperature it was cooking at or turn off? I’m confused.

Hey @vivnt! You are right about the ice bath. I would just set a timer longer than it will take you to get home, or not set a timer at all. The idea is to get home in the window where the food has been cooked the appropriate amount of time. The great thing about sous vide is that you have a large window of perfect cooking time. If you’re cooking chicken, it can go anywhere from 1-4 hours and still have an indexical result. I usually plan it for 2 hours and even if I get home an hour late it’s only been cooking for 3 which is still just fine! Let me know if you have any more questions!

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Wouldn’t it overcook or turn to mush if I leave it at the same temperature (Less than 4 hours for chicken)?

Nope! You can cook chicken from 1-4 hours (even a bit more) and the result will be identical. One of the benefits of the Anova!. It wont overcook , because the water temp is constant.

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