How do you "hold temperature"?

This is the first time I’m trying out my Anova even though I’ve had it for almost a year! I’m making brats in beer. I’ve heard that after the cooking time is finished, you can set it so it’ll keep the meat warm for however long you need before eating (I have another four hours before dinner time). How do you do this? (I’m not at home). Also, how do you know what temperature to set it at? Thanks for any advice!

With sous vide you can leave most things in the hot water bath longer than the minimum cooking time without overcooking the product. Your food won’t overcook as it would in a regular oven. The reason is that the internal temperature of your food cannot go above the water temperature. Eggs are one of the exceptions; they are very time temperature sensitive.

Also the beer and brats must be in a plastic bag. The Anova heats up water surrounding the bag.