Timer control ON/OFF on APO

Newbie looking for help on Timer function on AP Oven. I just got mine running and while doing the Heating Elements prep, the timer did not seem to turn OFF the oven after 15 mins. The timer reached 00:00 but the APO continued at 356F. I had to manually turn it off.

The User manual does not cover the basics:
Does the timer turn the APO off?
Can you set the timer forAPO turn on after the timer period?

Before moving to the App, I want to get comfortable using the APO as a simple oven. Thanks for any advice.

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No, the APO does not turn off after the timer ends, and you can’t start it with the timer. Some believe it should turn off with the timer, I don’t.

Actually MOST believe it should turn off with the timer.



Maybe, but I haven’t seen any evidence for that.

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Thanks for the feedback. Sorry, I’m with Palo on that view. I am not sure evidence is necessary since expectation from a smart oven is that it is smart enough for some level of program control over a simple oven.

I am also surprised regarding any lack of pre-defined modes such as Broil. Yes, I know I can switch the top heating element instead of back but simple stuff should be considered as standard.

I bought the APO primarily to see if I could steam Chinese buns (Boa) on a tray. Steamer baskets are too limited in the number of buns. However, I am having my doubts based on steam control but I’ll try.

I expect it could bake bread as well as a cast iron pot in any oven but a steam oven should do stuff you cannot do in standard ovens. Seems APO is more directed for Sous Vide than basic baking.

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but if that opinion is stated as a fact it should be substantiated by evidence whether you agree or not, otherwise it’s just an opinion. The programmability of the APO is on a level that makes any ordinary oven look as intelligent as a rock. But you need to use the app! Try out multistage cooking.
There are 7 predefined modes, called Quick Starts, including Broil and Steam, in the app. Start from them and adjust them if they are not exactly what you need, you can save your “recipies” and use later.
The APO can do everything my ordinary oven does and so much more, with one exception. It is smaller so the really big things still go in the old oven.
And, apart from sous vide, one other thing it does really well is basic baking.
And you can use the supplied tray as a crumb tray.
Start cooking, you might find that you like it.

Hello, and welcome! Great questions. The timer does not turn the oven off or on it is simply for notification purposes.

Thanks, such things should be defined in the APO User manual. I would assume all users of any ovens, comes into this oven with built-in assumptions. It would be helpful to understand the differences instead of learning from disasters.

Standard Ovens expectations:
Bake - Convention - Broil - Roasting - Top/Bottom Control

Toaster Oven or Air Fryer or Combo oven expectations:
Bake - Convection - Broil - Air Fry - Timer control - various PreSets

Now that I studied the App (not a very reliable WiFi), I did find these PreSets (should have been noted in the User Manual) which helps understanding the APO. Can one ADD more PreSets to the 7 pre-defined Modes? I see that they can be edited but I don’t see how to save those edits. When I went back to the same function, it had defaulted back the original. I also did not see any way to SAVE a new preset that ADDs to the list.

For example, I like to create a special STEAM function that uses Bottom heater instead of Rear and Temp of 185F. I can edit the current function but the next time, it was back to Rear and 212F. Appreciate if you can let me know how to save this mode.


Great questions. You can not add to the existing Presets toolbar, but you can create your own “recipes” to do anything the oven will! You will save these in your My Recipes area. Simply start a cook, enter your preferred settings as far as temp, steam, element, etc and then you can save that as a recipe. Alternatively, you can click ACTIVITY in the app, select My Recipes, and enter/edit any existing recipe.

@pplwin see also Turn off at end of timer

Thanks, great to know. Can the My Recipes I save be shared with other users? I set up the App on my spouse’s phone and so taught her how to use PreSets. It would be great if we can share access to each other recipes.

This functionality is in the engineering backlog! Recipe sharing is something we are planning on soon!

I am insisting that a “turn over off after timer” toggle when creating a recipe be added to the app.

My fking Breville has done this ever since I bought it and - even if I forget something in it after it’s timer runs out (it shuts off). sure my food will be a little crispy - but it won’t make my house smell like burned food (like it does now). While I heard the timer on the app go off - my wife somehow didn’t and she was in charge of getting the food out. Now my house smells like burnt cookies.

This is not up for debate. If a $50 oven can do this so can the Anova.

Add the feature - confirm that you are - otherwise I’m sending this thing back.

While the option to add a “turn off” stage would be nice, you can mimic this by adding a stage to your cook at the end that lowers the temp to a “keep warm” setting (basically bottom element, 75C).

Mediocre consumers are the reason we have crappy movies and products. Stop excusing poor designs and hop in with your boy and be helpful. Do you really think that a substitute for “off” should be “perpetual forever on lowest heat” setting?


Appreciate the feedback! We can not confirm at this time that this will will be added. The feedback has been sent to the greater team, however.

I have a Full sized Samsung Oven, It has a timer feature that turns off the oven when it is finished cooking. I have a microwave that turns off when it is finished cooking. I have a toaster oven that turns off when it is finished cooking.

I now have an Anova oven that does not turn off when I finish cooking. Fire safety is more important than Food safety. Food safety is not even a real issue since most of us are cooking because we are hungry and aren’t likely to let our food sit in the oven for a long time after it is finished cooking. Every other cooking appliance I have would not be set up to turn off when finished cooking if “food safety” was a real concern.

I wouldn’t want to underwrite the insurance policy for Anova if/when this plays out with something worse than a ruined meal.

This is a big liability. Can you please give the users the option to automatically turn the oven off when timer is done. This is a very serious matter. I have had so many close calls! Please listen to the community. There have been so many requests begging and mention of this concern for more than a year now since the product has been released! At this point it has been a blatant negligence!

Do we need to all form a group list and submit a complaint to the better business bureau and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission?