Turn off at end of timer

I’m sure there is an easy way to do this but can’t for the life of me work it out.

My old air fryer used to turn off when the timer finished. I’ve been caught a few times with very burnt food as it keep chugging along full steam after the timer period expired.

My only work around is to set another oven task at 25c. This works but I’m sure there is a more normal method.

I believe the only way to get this to happen is to program your cook through the app.

I almost always use the app. How do you do it from within the app that was the point of my post I can’t work out how to do it.

I just realized I have mislead you – apologies!

I have to cheat: I set an extra stage at 32 degrees with the lights off. You just have to remember to actually turn the oven off when you collect the food.

Hey Tony!

The APO is not designed to turn off after a certain time. The timer is for notification purposes. @JoeInOttawa is correct that you can set the oven to the lowest temp and that will effectively stop the oven from heating, but the oven itself will still retain a lot of heat which will lead to overcooking

Can we request this as a feature request/option?

It’s something that literally every air fryer does.

Consider it requested! We’ve heard this feedback, but it’s tricky because food safety issues are in play if the user doesn’t retrieve the food before food safety precautions set in. The APO is not an air fryer, and there are many more complexities to consider. Thanks, Tony!

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I get you but there’s other reasons I use it. E.g. yesterday I put it on at 60 for 10 minutes with the door cracked just to dry it out after using it to sous vide. And came back 2 hours later to find it still running…

I’m sure the app developers can work something out. Option of “keep warm” or “turn off” at end. The app is amazing and look forward to future improvements.

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