External Timer Switch

Would such a switch violate the warrenty? Would it harm any of the electronics? Basically you plug the APO into the switch, set the timer and when the timer is finished the APO turns off.


Be careful choosing the external timer switch. This oven pulls 1800W 120v AC. Make sure the timer switch can handle switching 15A without overheating or arcing.

The other concern is maintaining the WiFi settings when the AC switched off by the external timer.

I really don’t understand Anova refusal to support timer switch off mode. Since the App can switch off manually, adding this to the timer is quite possible. If the user don’t want to, they don’t have to set a timer function (which is default anyway).

  • It will not void the warranty
  • It will not harm the electronics

Correct, you need a switch than can handle =>2000W

Before you go out and buy one, check what happens when you unplug the oven - does it keep the Wifi setting, the BT pairing, will it remember what it did before the power cut and jump right back into what it last did?
I agree a power-off at end is the logical step.

Added: I would not add a timer. I don’t see the benefit, then you need to fiddle with that device.