Water draining from wet bulb sensor into oven

I just received my APO (Australia - currently plugged into a 15A garage circuit…), but when I insert the water reservoir, it immediately starts filling up the wet bulb sensor, overflowing, and pooling at the bottom of the oven.

I’ve uploaded a video of it leaking here - it’s quite a steady drip (a teaspoon every 5-10 seconds?).

Anova leaking wet bulb sensor

I’ve tried removing and replacing the water tank, putting more pressure, less pressure, etc., but nothing seems to change. Have emailed support but haven’t heard anything back yet. Any community experience?

I am not for sure but I believe that is where the water collects around that burner to create the Steam. I dont have mine yet but did see an article on Facebook where someone asked if that was normal. If you are on Facebook join the Anova Precision Oven users group and you will see this Post.

I’ve had my APO since November and from my experience a small amount of water is okay, and will just burn off from the lower element, but the amount you are showing seems more than normal. I would suggest you stay in contact with support and deal with it there. Some of us have had good experience with support, others not so much. But I think they are really working on improving the service and dealing with a number of early development issues. In my case I was experiencing a lot of water pooling in the bottom of the oven at one point and water was seeping in from the back. I ended up having my first oven replaced, which fortunately all went well for me.

Same problem here. My APO arrived just yesterday and during the initial heating I poured water in the tank just to discover few seconds later that water is dripping inside the oven from what turned out to be the wet bulb sensor.
As far as I got this sensor is supposed to be dipped into water as it is used during the sous vide mode, but as @DrJoel mentioned after couple of minutes I have a small pool in my oven. I can imagine if I leave it like that.
I suspect that some valve is somehow stuck and not closed completely. I contacted support and hopefully they advise something different from sending back the unit.

After short troubleshooting with the Anova support they told me that I should file for replacement unit, which I did. And on the next day I got it. Wow! The new unit is just fine so far. Steaming is ok, no dripping inside as before.
But while steaming is on lots of vapor is coming out of the oven and condensing on the water tank and oven lid. There should have been better engineering of how and where to lead the vapor and condensate.

I’m guessing you’re in USA. Took me 9 business days to get a replacement in Canada.

Actually I’m in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe). I could only assume that the new unit was supposed to be delivered to another new customer and Anova decided not to keep me unhappy:) So someone else would have to wait a bit longer

Thanks for the feedback all! I didn’t have access to my 15A socket until today, but I finally tested out the first stage fix from Support (run at 100% steam, 100C, sous vide until the “Fill” alert) and there was no change, which I think was expected.

I’ve updated my Support ticket, and am waiting to hear back. Frustrating time - but hopefully they replace the oven, and I can finally move on!

I had the same instructions to follow. I didn’t see much point in them as the dripping was constant, meaning water was constantly coming from the water tank and not small volume left in the tubes or evaporator. Good luck @DrJoel
There is some strange problem with the timer brightness. Sometimes it looks a bit dim and digits are slightly flickering as if not enough power is supplied. Mostly because ‘1’ is the brightest number as only 2 segments are lit. Also lamp is flickering a bit, something that other people complain about.

I doubt it. The appliences are delivered by Electrolux from Nederlands, after they had arrived from China. It took 5 days from Nederlands to Hungary with GLS. I don’t think that they can just change the receiver’s name and address on the fly and they just had one on the way just arriving in Bulgaria. On the other hand I could imagine that they keep one for this purpose in an Electrolux repair center, that could be in Bulgaria :slight_smile:

I’ve been told mid June before replacements can be sent!!!

I’ve also just been told by ANOVA to dispose of my oven as the leaking is concerning.

I have not received an apology from ANOVA for any of this frustration, anger, disppoinment and betrayal I feel.

Dispose? Why would you dispose. It sounds like an easy fix… Why would you waste all those materials? That’s like the equivalent of throwing away a new car cuz it had a scratched bumper. Just repair it Jesus christ

Ask ANOVA Frank. It’s their advice. Feel free to come and fix it Frank as you seem to know everything. Or feel free to come and get it and let it blow your house up


Here’s the excerpt from the email I received this morning

*Hi Matt *

Thanks for sending that over. The first video of the puddle is a bit alarming, I’ll be sending you a replacement oven.

I’ll get a replacement sent over to you, you’ll receive an email with tracking when it ships out. In the meantime, if you could dispose of the oven at a local e-waste/e-recycling facility that’d be greatly appreciated.


Customer Success Associate
Anova Culinary

I don’t mean to tell you to fix it, I mean anova should just take it back for repair as a refurbished unit. Companies these days just tossing new stuff out for a minor defect is the reason why we are consuming so much and producing so much waste and increasing carbon footprint.

Everything has a cost, producing all that stuff has a cost. I think it is just a damn shame their policy is to throw it away instead of repairing it. It may not be the most cost effective but it is the right thing to do for the environment. This is earth month, seeing the company do so little is astonishingly bad.

Same problem here (April 2021). Pooling water.

I had to wait 7 months for it to arrive, missing Xmas present by 4 months so I was pretty annoyed.

Oven seems great but I do have the pooling. I have checked and the relative humidity is still in line with the % humidity it states. So it does seem more a nuisance (mopping up water) rather than having any impact on performance.

But having revived it late I have found the after service (once delivered) response pretty snappy. From U.K. there is a bit of a delay of one day for responses but replacement within days and just dispose of it was same response.

Agree would be nice if the nuisance fault was repairable as it’s a waste and the device is essentially still functioning correctly.