Complete Shut Down

My oven suddenly go blank . Tried to change to another power source and it’s still the same. The oven is just turning two. The shelf-life is way too short. Please help.

Have you contacted customer support.
Check your owners manual for fuses.

Hi John,

yes, have contacted customer support…waiting for their reply.

Will check out the manual …appreciate your reply. Thanks so much

Hi! What did they say?

Have not received any reply except for the standard auto reply message.

I think my unit is doing the same. Blank display. quickly flashes sometime. No longer reconnecting to the app after the last power cycle.

My unit is 2 years this month, but original purchase had the 15A plug, so just over 2 years.
I’ve just applied to return under warrantee.

Still no reply from support. Decided to file a return also.

I received a replacement oven (in warranty) after my oven continued to display “needs service” error on the LCD.

The new oven appears defective in that any attempts to operate over 400 deg. F results in a complete shut down and reset.

  1. Oven hits 400+ … food goes in.
  2. After a few minutes (or more) … OFF and everything goes black/blank.
  3. After a few minutes of contemplating its void state of being … LCD comes back on … but oven remain off and have to temperature settings.
  4. Repeat septs 2-4.

I’ve contacted support under the previous RMA/Support Ticket. as of my Tuesday at 8:30. Will repost/update when I have some traction with support.