Oven shutoff and wouldn't restart

I have baking bread at 450. After around 40 minutes the oven shutoff (no display or anything). I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Nothing. I plugged it into an outlet that I knew was working to make sure it wasn’t the outlet. Nothing. After doing this a few times after a couple of minutes the oven came back on (not heating, but the display came on). Anyone else have this happen? I am thinking it overheated but I’m not sure.

This is my 2nd oven and is less than a month old.

Mine has been doing this for some time now particularly when I set it for 450 but sometimes it happens between 400 and 450. I think it’s over heating too. Anova replaced my first oven for a display failure but has not assisted me with this particular problem when I reported it. This is a real issue for me when I bake bread because it is unreliable and shuts off during the bake. The reason I have the oven is to bake bread. It’s really frustrating to have this happen and worse to have reported it to Anova and to have no help.

As far as I can tell, the oven has design issues and if you have a problem they just give you another oven with the same issues. The only way I got wifi to work was to move a router within 5 feet of the oven.