New Anova Oven tripping breaker and light flickering

I got the new Anova Precision Oven in yesterday and was super excited to use it, but when I was going through breaking in the heating element the breaker kept tripping. Nothing else is plugged in and it’s a 120V 20 Amp breaker. Also, when it is heating up the light flickers (before the breaker gets tripped). This has happened several times.

The flicker is something we all have.

Can you try another circuit? Do you have AFCI or GFCI breakers? It could be the oven. It could also be the breaker.

It is GFCI, and it has happened on multiple breakers. Tripped both.

Sounds like you need a support ticket. Sorry.

Hi, it seems like I am having the similar issue. When I run the oven using back element, it works fine, but when I use top and bottom elements, the oven shuts off itself, and won’t turn back on until I wait for couple minutes and plug in again. I don’t have many knowledge about home electricity, but I was running the oven without the water tank since it is delivered broken. Could this be a reason? Please advise!

Sy, if you don’t have to reset a household circuit breaker it’s an oven fault and should be reported to Anova for return or a resolution. Your oven may have suffered more than water tank damage.

To get your question answered contact SUPPORT at the link above where helpful Anova people hang out. We are just sympathetic users here at COMMUNITY.

Well, did you have the steam setting at something other than 0% (since you can’t feed it any water)

@chatnoir, I have already reported the issue to the team and am waiting for their response. They seem to take longer to respond than usual, so I wanted to make sure by asking here if it’s not my house outlet’s fault which would make me lose this great opportunity to use the oven at all.

After a couple of minutes of shut-off, the oven turns back on by itself, and running with the rear element still seems to work fine. Also, when I plug in the same outlet immediately after the shut-off with another appliance, that device works fine.

@jumpjump, I set the steam at 0%. The only time when the shut-off happens is when I use top and bottom heating elements. With the rear elements, it works fine, even without the tank.

Is there a Troubleshooting section in the oven’s operating manual that covers interrupted operation?

Does it refer to a circuit or thermal overload breaker on the oven?

With a new product out i suspect Anova’s SUPPORT people are extremely busy. Most appliances fail within the first 30 days if there is going to be a problem with them.

From what I’ve read from the oven manual, I couldn’t find any relative information.
I just got the response from Support, and it seems like they are aware of the breaker issue. Their plan is to bring one of their technicians to inspect my oven and replace with a new oven if necessary.

Thanks a lot for your advice and help!

Thank you, that’s good to know.

Weird, they finally replied to me and are asking questions and haven’t acknowledged that there is a breaker issue, nor have they offered to send out a technician.

I’d hate to say it, but if you initiate a return you might get faster support.

My lights flicker when the oven is on, and during the initial break in, the circuit breaker tripped. When I used it tonight, i made sure to turn off the tv and 2 air purifiers that are on the same circuit were off, the lights flickered the entire time the oven ran.