Anova precision oven back element not working

I bought an Anova precision (220V, Spain) oven last December 2023

Today while I was cooking the oven tripped the general breaker in the process of coming to temperature using the oven setting for the back element. We reset the breaker but now the heating element does not turn on (always using the rear element). The fan works and the command panel works also (i.e. we can turn it on). But the oven does not heat up. All other appliances in the kitchen work

I have tried the following

  • Connect it to a different outlet in the kitchen. NOTE: we installed a separate breaker for the oven. Nothing else is connected to this breaker
    • The oven does not heat up
    • Since the fan works and the panel is lighted up it is obvious that we have power to the unit and something works
    • We normally use the back element with convection
  • However, using the top and bottom elements setting the oven heats to temperature BUT the temperature oscillates way too much. I set it at 175 C and varies from 165 C to 181

Looks like the back heating element is not working and possibly some other electronics that control the oven temperature. This is not good at all. I use the oven mostly to bake bread and I always use the back element for this

I also see in some posting a reference to a fuse in the plug. Obviously, this is not the case here but I am curious to know where this fuse is. I cannot find it by looking at the plug or even a drawing in your web page. Remember it is a 220V unit. Is there a drawing somewhere?

I have reported this issue to Anova (phone and email) but no response yet. Posting here to see if somebody has or have had a similar experience. I cannot find a similar issue in the already existing posts.

Thanks for any help

Sadly masses of problems are logged here, whether that is because they come home to roost, a lot of faults that the C.S. typically just resolves by swapping the units out for you.

Use the chat (orange box) on the RHS of the screen to hopefully reach a faster turnaround.

Anything technical comes from here, based on swapping experience, Anova CS are generally really crapped unless you steer them.

So use the chat box, head it up with your case number (if any) mention you have contacted via other means but their speed of reply is crap, & be ready to swap out the unit in the box (far from ideal but it is Anova’s choice)

You will have to log all your details for them (they are really crap at looking up via their own systems, had to correct them on several occasions.

Not to completely diss the brand, I love my sous vide kit, but I’d not spend cash on the oven, it is too heavily flawed & things like oven software threads make me want to scream (it can be so bad)

Thanks for the advice

No worries, I would remove your phone number, data scrapers & spammers abound on the internet :wink:

Let us know the outcome, it is good to hear results & as to whether we need to change our own advice!
NB the yellow chat box will hold your history so if you encounter difficulties with another CS person refer them to the pre-existing chat.

Where is the chat box? I was looking for it before calling and sending an email but I do not see it on their support page.

Found it. Somehow it was not showing in Firefox. I used Edge and I see it

I use “duck duck go” shows up fine with that (if you need an alternative)

At the end, and as I was expecting, Anova send me a new oven. OK but they could improve on responsiveness and clarity. We could have resolved this in a single call/email discussion but it took 3 rounds to get there.