Bug when switching heating elements

I was cooking at 450 rear. I stopped it after a while to change to bottom only heating element. It allowed me to change to bottom only and keep the temp at 450 even though the bottom element doesn’t support that high of a temp. I’m not sure where else to report this.

Likely if you use the chat (ORANGE BUBBLE) lower right on screen if that doesn’t suffice then they’ll give you an email to do their work for them!

How new is the unit?

Sadly there is ZERO anova personnel monitoring these boards to help people, pretty much we are on our own here.

If it is a new item, under warranty, you may wish to get a replacement as an option, though if it is the only thing to throw up an eyebrow then you may wish to keep it as it seems minor compared to others faults showing up.

You can do it directly in the app, under More/ Feedback and Support/ Report a problem. These pages are not monitored by anova.