Flashing lights and beeping

During a cooking cycle, I open the door and close it. The lights for the oven burners (back, top, both) begin randomly blinking and a beeping about 1/sec, but intermittently, begins. To stop this, I usually have to shut the oven off and then restart, which is annoying after things have been cooking for 20-30 minutes. Seems like a faulty software glitch but has anyone experienced this?

Did you resolve this I am having a similar issue

Hi. I plugged the unit into an outlet in another room and it seemed to work fine. I previously had the unit in our pantry and although there was only one plug, I was suspicious that other devices, such as the refrigerator were on the same circuit. I concluded that the Anova oven draws a lot of power and if there is anything that pulls other power from it, it will flash and blink. So far so good, but if I was designing a home I would plan for a dedicated outlet for it.

Did you actually hear the refrigerator cycle? (or merely speculation) whilst it sounds a likely culprit it helps to know it matches with energy spikes from your suspected partner in crime for this fault coming to light.

Have you got a plug in energy meter to learn when it (fridge / freezer compressor cycles) if confirmed that would be a very good proven starting point for workarounds / resolution.

Also your voltage / location (for anyone checking archivally rather than just posting a question without doing some legwork)