Oven turned on itself - scary

I had a lot of connectivity issues and just got a replacement oven. I still have a lot of connectivity issues. I’ve been seeing how bad it is by playing with the app. Today I went into the app to the oven tab and hit start. As usual, it said “connecting” and did nothing. After a minute I hit “Clear”. Well, about an hour or two later I hear the oven beep. It had turned on and reached temp. This is kind of scary that if the app fails that the oven might turn on hours later (maybe when I’m not home).

Please contact support and alert them of this occurrence. They may not see your post.

I have electrical problems as well, and they continue with a replacement oven. I am surprised that, with a replacement, they don’t really double check. But I think electrical problems may be common, because when they finally remembered (after nudging) to send my replacement, the person who had been handling my complaint wrote something to the effect that “I hope you don’t have another problem” in a tone that sounded as if it might be the case that I would have another problem. With my first one, after several incidents where it would just stop pre-heating and sometimes the heat would crawl forward and then fall back, and never get to the right heat unless I stood by the oven and continually pressed the temp, I put in some bread to rise at the lowest setting, for “proof” and when I went back in a half hour to check it, the oven had raced up to over 400 degrees and started baking the unrisen dough. It ruined some expensive ingredients, and that is when I gave up and asked for a replacement. The new oven is better, but sometimes also just stops pre-heating and crawls forward, then lowers the temp, then forward, etc, until again I punch the temp button and finally it starts moving upward. But that means you can’t ever “set and forget” but are forced to stand by the oven to make sure it gets pre-heated. But I agree – much more frightening to have it suddenly turn on! They need to get these electrical glitches solved. Otherwise – I love the oven and don’t want to be without it again to get a replacement, and then go through this a third time!

I am having connectivity problems with my 2nd oven. They want to replace it. It isn’t worth it. A 3rd oven isn’t going to help. It is a pain to return (it isn’t exactly light and is bulky). I’m not happy about it, but I’m probably going to have to live with it. When I Google “Anova Precision Oven connectivity issues” there are 2.7 million hits.