Oven disconnected on its during use

Ov end disconnected and I cannot get it to reconnect after 6+ tries. SOS from last connection FUBAR. Have not installed latest version as it has disappeared from mu phone. Any suggestions?

Having same issue except mine is delaying in connecting but it’ll then act like it’s lost sync with the app. Same issue with both my phone running iOS 15 and my wife’s phone running iOS 14. App shows it was last updated two weeks ago. Only thing that changed today was the firmware that pushed the oven.

Are you both on Apple phones with newer iOSs? I ask because Apple is developing a reputation for breaking things with OS updates (ask any musician who’s updated to Big Sur – and bricked all of their studio gear).

Hey Hodag,

Sorry you’re having problems, drop a note to support@anovaculinary.com and we can help you out!