Wifi disconnects frequently

Connects successfully to wifi/phone, but then oven disconnects every day or so. I unplug/re-plug the oven to reset it then go through the connection steps on my phone (this part always works). A day or so later it loses the connection. Sometimes a little after cooking, sometimes randomly during the day.

Anyone have any ideas? It works, but a huge pain to unplug and re-create the connection. Wifi signal is fine at the oven (and why can’t it simply retry if it loses the connection rather than forcing a re-setup?). Thanks.

FW version 1.2.7, app version 1.0.44.

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Same here. The oven’s wifi seems to have trouble regardless of the wifi network quality, we tried it out in different locations in the house, where btw the phone has no trouble at all.

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I am experiencing the same thing. Incredibly frustrating! Did you get any help or resolution?