Why Facebook?

I am totally against the whole concept of face book. Why should I have to sign up for a face book account (ain’t gonna happen) just so i can review or comment on posted recipes? What next? I have to wear a t-shirt saying HI! my social security # is 123-45-6789?
please make comments and posts accessible to those of us 60 year olds who don’t want junior high school indiscretions to come back on us! LOL and thanks.

You don’t have to sign into Facebook. If you look at the screen again signing in via Facebook is one of the options. The other option is to create an Anova account. I’m not sure if you can use your Community forum account, though that would make sense. @AlyssaWOAH, can we please have this set as an option for the Recipes section of the community, if it isn’t already?

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Ember is right. I never signed in with Facebook. Don’t have a Facebook account. Just did with Anova.

@Ember they are hosted on two different platfroms. So at the moment, it’s not possible. We are considering merging the two. But I’m not entirely sure when that’ll be done.

yep. It requires a face book password to leave a comment on a recipe. also, even though it may say 90 reviews at the top of the recipe page, you can only see the 3 or 4 that are at the bottom of the page of a recipe.

Facebook is not required. At the top right hand side of the recipes area there is a menu. The very far right says LOGIN. This allows you the option to login either with an email account or with your Facebook account. I believe you can use the same account that you use when setting up your Wifi cooker. Without being logged in you can not leave comments on a recipe.

The Facebook logo at the bottom left below the recipe is to share the recipe on Facebook.

I am so happy i don’t use Facebook as i already obtain more information than i can manage just selecting “Community” from one of the near-daily email ads i receive from Anova. It’s that easy.

I work for a company that owns a chain of newspapers. When someone wants to comment on an article they have to have a Facebook account for verification before they can comment. I know that it seems like a hassle but in truth, it keeps the comments far more civilized. Yes, someone could create a fake Facebook account to get around this, and some probably have but for the most part, the comments are from real people.

Prior to us going to Facebook commenting, moderation was a nightmare. We had to have someone actually approve the comments before they went up because anonymous commenting let people feel free to post what they will, regardless of truth, or profanity level. We also had a lot of spam commenting.

There are many reasons that people would use Facebook commenting on their forums.

Ember I’m sorry but that doesnt appear to be so. I just tried to post on a comment on a recipe and it said log in. So I logged in at the top. Then I went to the bottom and made a comment and then tried to post it and a box came up and said to enter facebook account #. correction. after I wrote the comment I hit enter to post it but it acts like a return key and sends me to the next line. I don’t see a “post” button.

I would never want to participate by posting in a forum that required me to be civilized.

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HA HA! But really, we don’t have that problem here. Don’t need facebook on COMMUNITY site + posts can be flagged + we have a moderator. So why wouldn’t that work on the recipe part of this site. Also I noticed that page 1 (and any other page) may have different recipes on it at any given time. Makes it difficult to jot down a recipe by page # although I know you could just type in the recipe.

@ember you are correct that you can set up a local account on the recipes site using just an email address. That doesn’t allow you to comment on a recipe though.

@whybuynew1 is correct that to comment, you must login with a FB account.

FB offers a plugin for sites to have comments without having to build their own system. I visit several similar sites and am always disappointed when I see one that uses the FB plugin. I won’t sign up for FB either and feel left out of the discussions going on. To me a FB only comment site seems like a company is trying to do something on the cheap. Just my personal $.02

@Ember I have to apologize. I skimmed @whybuynew1’s reply and missed the fact that he did say that he logged had used the top link to login. I missed that on my first read and thought you two were talking past each other.

My bad. I didn’t mean to pile on. I was trying to help clarify the discrepancy about their being two logins.

No biggun, @jimbop. Does seem a little odd to require both a local account and a FB account to comment, but it seems it is done elsewhere too.

It’s not a big deal…just makes me feel a little bit like a black sheep as i would like to report on my results and ask questions. By the way I still can’t hook up to wifi. 20 emails and counting. ashame the tech assist dept doesnt take phone calls. texts are just archaic when working thru a problem in my opinion. So I ask a question, get a reply and it doesnt work and we repeat the procedure the following evening. Really though…I can live without the tech. Temp stabilization and heating time are great. I just need to schedule longer recipes for weekends and stick with the hour ones during the week. Heck…I just bought my daughter one of these yesterday cause the food is so good. Anova…please try to work out the bugs and THANKS!

I Sure shifted the subject here and I apologize. The reason I would like to be able to comment and ask questions on the recipe site? Example. Old fashioned spaghetti and meatballs asks for 1/2 cup oatmeal. Is that cooked? Raw? instant? steelcut? old fashioned? I imagine it makes a difference in the recipe…just sayin

Whybuy, be careful following recipes written by inexperienced writers.
They are likely great cooks and know what they mean, but are unfamiliar with recipe ingredient specifications.