Recipes in the app - can you copy?

Is it possible to copy the base recipes to your recipes?

E.g. the basic chicken legs recipe. Last night I cooked chicken breast skin on and used the legs recipe as the basis. But I cook breast to a lower temperature than thigh/legs. I manually made the changes but would love to have the changes saved in my recipe for next time.

The breasts came out amazing BTW. Great oven.


Hey Tony! Not currently, but that is a recipe feature we have heard and are exploring ways to “copy” a recipe and change it to fit your tastes. Hope to have some news there soon! Thanks for the love!


I suspect you’re also looking at ways of integrating the recipes, including our own recipes, into the website. This would really kickstart the community side of things.

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Yep! Sharing recipes, copying/remixing recipes, etc! Totally with ya there.


Until they come out with a way to do it. I take a photo of the stage then go into My recipes and create the stage you wanted to copy. You can add more stages as you go along.


Much the same as what I’m doing.

But hopefully they’ll get this sorted. I have variations on my own recipes - particularly sous vide at different temperature and times and would be good to just copy and modify, not have to recreate.

It would also be great if you could create a recipe from the activity log. At the moment I think this works if it’s a cook you created, but if it’s a recipe you used and modified you can’t do that.


I’m really looking forward to having this feature!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I ran into this myself just as you illustrate - in doing target temperature variations on Sous Vide recipes…

While copying would help a lot, I also suggested another means in a recent post of mine, though fear my wording wasn’t very clear, or at least to those unfamiliar w/programming terms or concepts. But in general the idea is to allow for a recipe to refer to not a fixed/specified numeric temp or time, but rather to a “named variable” instead that can later be specified each time one runs the recipe, a means to have a single master recipe that runs with varying temps or times each time it’s run…

Even better would be to allow for several recipes to refer to the same master recipe, with each recipe specifying values for each of these “named variable” temps or times referenced in the master recipe…

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Bump! Copy would be great.

Agree! Coming soon

Many forums and people - me - are deeply concerned with DMCA copyrights. It might be beneficial to make clear what is considered fair use here or release the rights.

Hey Douglas, this is most definitely being taken into consideration!

The ability to save and edit recipes seems like a no-brainer, not sure how that was never considered. ESPECIALLY since many recipes get “published” that have critical errors!


Absolutely. And I can’t understand how Anova does not see things like that. A good idea should go into the app within a few days.
And please, chose coders that have the oven, and cook! Otherwise you get something that gives a poor user experience.

And while at this - please remove the image spaceholder from “My Recipes”. That if else statement shouldn’t take longer than 20 Minutes to implement.

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