Baking Bread in the APO

I’ve done a lot of sourdough breads in a dutch oven inside an old gas stove during the pandemic, and I was excited about the APO to make the steam portion more controllable.

the first bread in the APO was a brick-ish disaster, I had followed the same principles in an Anova bread recipy: start with 250C/100% for 20min, the 220C/0% for another 20-ish min.

IMO, the 250C/100% contains so much heat energy that the bread instantly crusts up and turns dark, with zero chance for oven spring.

I tried a new approach with the APO, treating bread like a steam bun:
start with 100C/100% for 20min, or until you see a very strong oven spring in your dough. then turn the APO to 220-250C/0% for 30-50min, depending on how thick you want your crust (depends on your dough/flour/water content)

the result is a perfect crump with a lovely crust.

I hope the anova team adjusts the basic bread recipy.


Interesting I had similar experience using dutch oven but in my first bake I pretended it was a dutch oven bake and used my usual of 230 all the way with 100% steam for 20 and then 25 mins no steam. All same temp and it is also as you say results wise. May try yours though to see if I do better :).

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