Batch cooking

Just started, but decided I would buy chiller box from Amazon £12 / 15$ & cut a hole in top, so I can batch cook.
Beef joint 10-14hrs gammon joint 8hrs, chicken thighs 3Hrs, pork loin rolled 1hr (Cylinder) (Pork loin from Costco already in sealed vac bags.)All cooked at 140f/60c Either put them in together and take out when each time is finished or pop them in working out times so they all finish together, making sure you have plenty of ice ready for ice bath 30 mins for ½ hr adding ice to keep at 7 deg c. Then;
Sear & eat
Fridge (up to 3 days)
Carve, bag and freeze. 3 months - 1yr (Don’t think I would trust 1 year)
Remember to mark vac bags/zippers with Date, Cook Time, cook temperature (& contents as bags in freezer get iced over & you can’t see what is inside)
Remember to transfer information if not using original cook bag. Remember you can wash & re use bags, helping the environment, even turning the bags inside out. Happy cooking.

Keith, thank you for sharing the details of your SV cooking technique.

Many people find chicken thighs unpleasantly chewy when cooked below 150ᴼF / 66ᴼC.

Ice bath chilling requires longer than you specify, particularly for large joints. Adding or subtracting heat occurs at about the same rate in meat. You should have sufficient ice to keep bath temperature safely below 40ᴼF / 5ᴼC. And most meat doesn’t require chilling bedore searing.

In my experience 90 days is the longest frozen storage time in a domestic freezer for optimum quality. They just aren’t cold enough.