Beef Souvlaki kebobs

I had purchased some of these beef kebobs from costco this summer. I bbq’d half of them & they were tough as nails, ended up tossing them cause they were almost inedible. So, I have 4 left that were frozen, now thawed out. Was wondering what temp & time would be recommended in the sous vide. I’m hoping sous vide would soften/tenderize them a bit more… Any thoughts or suggestions??

I’ve been told the sous vide cooking technique was specifically developed to make Costco kebabs somewhat edible. You don’t disclose your expected outcome for the meat other than edible, so i’ll wing it.

Vacuum packaging and cooking them will be easy, except for having deal with the skewers which could pose a puncture threat during cooking. I leave finding a solution up to you. My method uses robust kitchen shears.

Using the term Souvlaki infers the meat has been marinated and probably still is. So deal with the skewers and package them while frozen. Then cook them just as you would with any other hunk of tough old cow. You know, give them the your basic 135F x 24-48 and you’ll be enjoying your purchase.