Butchery/Anatomy/Gastronomy Books/websites for better understanding various cuts and muscles along with their culinary quality?

I am searching for books or sites that can describe/place into context the various beef, lamb, poultry, pork, meat cuts with the anatomy of the animal (actual muscles themselves would be great) and then relate these to texture, flavour, tenderness and cooking style.

Any suggestions?

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But seriously…

I don’t own this one, but it seems to get good reviews: https://www.amazon.com/Field-Guide-Meat-Identify-Virtually/dp/1594740178

Really, hard to beat the internet. Best library out there. It doesn’t take a great deal to work out from the content and the way its presented if it’s worth spending time on the site.

I still have the set of Time Life The Good Cook that I bought back in the 1980s, we used to get one sent every month over a two and a bit years.

The Good Cook

Each book on meat had a chart showing the Cow, Pig or Sheep with which cut was which and suggested ways to cook them. Some of the names have changed now though but I still refer to them from time to time.

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Wow…Time/Life Series books. That really takes me back. The first ones I remember were the WWII series volumes they began publishing in 1976.


I spend Saturday afternoons now watching YouTube videos to better understand the various cuts of meat and how butchers from various countries break down an animal.


As long as you don’t mistakenly pull up that old “alien autopsy” video as a guide for meat cuts from a cow I’d say you’re going to see a lot of good information! :slight_smile:

Time and temp for post mortemed alien?