So if I’m following a chicken breast recipe how many can be cooked at one time for the stated recipe. For instance it says 150 for 1 hour. How many will that do? What if they are very large breasts. Etc…
There is no info anywhere I have found on the amount of food vs time. I typically use a stainless steel pot.
Never nothing about how many breasts or steaks can be placed in a bag without an Asverse effect.

The cooker is rated for up to about 5 gallons / 19 liters, so long as you have adequate circulation in the water vessel and the cooker is able to heat and hold temp, you can do as many as you like at once, but it’s best to bag them individually.  The reason being that when they are bagged individually, they stay in contact with the bag which, in turn, stays in contact with the water vs when bagged together, they can slide and cover each other up, which could cause an uncooked area.

The discussion regarding thickness vs time is better documented with steaks, but I have found that thinner boneless chicken breasts use less time than the recommended 1 hour.  

I figured less than an hour for boneless but there is no good info on how long to go. First time I did them they were overlooked good flavor just over cooked.
Dealing with low temps making guesses is not a good idea with food safety.
I have placed 2 breasts in a vacuum sealer bag and they don’t move so I’m fine with two in one. But the times are no where to be found.

Did 4 bone in breasts last night and they were horrible not even edible very tough rubbery texture did all 4, 2 in each bag at 140 for 2hr.
I did put some butter in each one of the bags with seasoning and fresh herbs I am wondering if that may have ruined them? Should no liquid or butter not be added for chicken?

recipe i used had olive oil so i don’t think butter is the issue. i cooked two boneless skinless breasts, about 1 lb for 2 hours at 146F (followed recipe from Anova site). they were rubbery and not really cooked thru, had to finish them in the oven. not very good. worrying that this precision cooking/sous vide thing is being overhyped (at least for home application).