Cook now eat later

Best way to cook steaks then save and eat later same day?

nb, since you are quite economical with your steaks’ details such as type, thickness, ageing, and grade, and i don’t have the power of para-normal communication, i’ll have to guess a lot and provide you with general directions.

But first, Gentle Folks, if you want to achieve excellence in your cooking you need to pay attention to the specific important details regarding each food item you cook. This isn’t Easy-Bake cookery. There are significant differences in foods and the habit of detail-orientation is essential to becoming a competent cook. Do the work.

It would be useful to know some of your secrets such as, how do you usually cook your steaks whatever they are?
ie. Degree of doneness?

Usually freshly-cooked is best except when you can’t do it. Any physical changes your steaks are subjected to will cause some loss of moisture. Usually minimal if you are gentle.

But i have grievously digressed. So if you must, after cooking quickly chill the steaks in their cooking packages in a 50/50 ice water bath for half an hour and hold in your refrigerator until your table is set and sides prepped.

Before finishing and service, and particularly if they are thick steaks, bring them back up to near your cooking temperature in a water bath. That will take up to a half-hour. Don’t exceed your prior cooking temperature.

Then decant your steaks, blot dry, season, and sear using your usual method. Serve ASAP on warm plates. Slicing for service is optional, but i usually do so for all but the smallest steaks, and particularly if i am serving a thick Porterhouse or other large premium steak to several guests. It provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your presentation skills and extra care for your guests’ pleasure.

Do well.

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