Food Safety: Is it OK to restart a steak that was cooked for under <5 minutes?

Hi All,

First time poster, somewhat experienced user and appreciator of Sous Vide.

Yesterday I had a roommate start a sous vide steak. I quickly changed my mind, but the steak was already in the bath. He claims in was in the bath for less than 2 minutes, and I’m not sure if the water was at temperature at the time of the food being placed in the bath. The steak is currently a very weird color. It looks very red, almost crimson, darker than freshly cut or what you would see at the grocery store. It doesn’t look like the gray-ish color that meat looks like when it ages.

My question is, is it safe to restart this steak again? In the 24 hours or so that it has been sitting in the fridge is it possible that bacteria or food-borne illness could have cultivated?

5 minutes really isn’t going to hurt it - provided you got it into the fridge right away, it should be fine.