I tried a recipe from Pressure Luck ( Instant Pot)

I recently purchased an Instant Pot and have been using Pressure Luck recipes. Jeffrey, from Pressure Luck, came out with a SousVide recipe for roast beef. Check it out, roast beef, French dip. He adds, besides spices, a cup of beef boulion in the bag. I tried a sirloin tip roast, 24 hrs at 31f. It was the best.

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31°f? Did you mean 31°c?

31 f

You are aware that 31°F is 1 degree Fahrenheit below the freezing point of water, right? According to your post, you’d be sitting down to a frozen block of beef.

A Senior moment, 131 f, sorry

Oh and there so many senior moments, aren’t there? I did follow the recipe. It’s fabulous that one can buy a cheaper cut of beef and get a succulent, tender result.

Glad you liked it, doing another for football Sunday