Keeping warm

If food is cooked but you are not ready to serve for another hour or so, is it best to keep the food at the same temperature in the water, or should it be removed and kept warm in a warming oven?
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Time isn’t critical with most sous vide recipes. Especially when the cooking temperature is well above serving temperature, you can just drop the temperature of your water bath by a few degrees and simply leave the food in there.

The food should be well pasteurised by the time your recipe is ready, so keeping it warm in its sealed bag is not a problem, and way more convenient than moving it to the oven.

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Agree with michihenning that you can leave the food in the water batch UNLESS you’re cooking foods where the texture is likely to be adversely affected by further cooking (seafood and eggs are the only examples that spring to mind). Those foods should be timed to finish just before serving. If you have something specific in mind then you should give details.

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What about turkey wrapped in bacon? I still have to pan brown the bacon. I cooked for 1.5hrs at 145. I have 20 mins left at the cooking temp and the other fixings are not done. Do I drop the temp? And to what temp? Take it out and just let it rest? Then re-warm? What is best?

Welcome Stark. As you know cooking times are always critical to menu item thickness.

A benefit of SV cooking is that most cooking times are flexible, even going over, - not less, up to an hour or two depending on the item will not result in an unfavourable outcome. If you are confident in your cooking time and temperature, just let it continue while you prep the sides. Interrupting cooking can be a significant distraction to an already-busy cook.

You don’t reveal much detail about that turkey wrapped in bacon. Is it dark meat or white? How thick?

If i were cooking it i would par-cook the bacon to reduce the finishing or browning time. SV cooked bacon can be useful for a variety of items.