Max time between sous vide preparation and frying

For an upcoming party i have to prepare 15 steaks. In teems of preparation i was thinking of sous vide preparation in the morning in batches and in the afternoon to shortly fry the steaks. Is there a maximum time between sous vide cooking and frying? How can i best keep steaks in meantime?

Kg, successful quantity SV cooking moves you up a substantial skill and knowledge grade from general home cooking. Are you ready?
Putting out 15 orders of steak at one time can be challenging even with practice.

Successful quantity cooking starts with a heightened attention to detail which is economical in your request. I am concerned because you ask.

Your cooking plan needs to consider the following details that would be have been helpful if disclosed to Community for responses:

  • desired degree of doneness
  • and, are all steaks to be served at same degree of doneness?
    (recommended for your sanity if you are a lone cook)
  • cooking vessel capacity
  • number of steaks that can be cooked per batch?
  • thickness of steaks and resulting batch cooking times
  • plan for the number of steaks to be fried at one time
  • planned service method: plate or platter; table service, self service?
    the service method selected will determine if you need hot holding capability after frying.

For same day cook-serve events cooking and chilling then reheating before frying isn’t practical.

For certainty, by frying i hope you are not referring to deep fat frying. It’s too challenging for cooked steaks.

I use 4 hours as my personal hot-holding time limit between SV cooking and finishing medium-rare steaks or those cooked at a higher temperature. You may want to use a second Anova to maintain a safe and constant temperature below cooking temperature. Otherwise rig yourself a stove top bain-marie, a sufficiently large water filled vessel ideally set into another vessel of water that’s heated and closely monitored for temperature on your cook top.

Are you absolutely certain you don’t want to serve a perfectly cooked beef roast to your guests and considerably extend your life expectancy?

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