Mixed chicken pieces cook

I’m somewhat new to the sous vide adventure, but my first filet mignon turm=ned out beautifully.

So, next on the list is chicken. I want to cook bone in skin on pieces about 4-5 at a time.


  1. Do I bag each piece individually, bag white and dark meat separately, or just go for a large bag?
  2. How do I calculate the cooking time> Is it based on weight, number of pieces, or some sous vide secret handshake ritual into which I have not yet been initiated?

Thanks in advance for any help.

If you’re planning on cooking the white and dark meat for the same time and temperature, there’s no reason you can’t cook them together. I tend to cook them different times, so I use different bags, but you do you.

You calculate the cook-time based on the thickness of the pieces.

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Chop, welcome to your new adventures in cooking.

  1. Bagging is up to you. Serious cooks like to SV cook chicken pieces separately by colour with white meat at lower temperatures and shorter times than the dark.

It’s best to bag items in a single layer for uniform cooking.

  1. As Brian said, thickness is always critical for setting cooking times. Other SV secrets and rituals are revealed at the following comprehensive link:


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