New perforated pan from Anova, Hmmmm

So this announcement brings up a few points:
1- Will this be included with Oven and sent to present owners?
2-For stuff that falls through wire oven rack this seems fine, but otherwise I just use wire oven rack, especially for meat.
3-Will it warp at high heat?

Where did you see the perforated pan?

And I have the same questions.

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The Perforated pan will be an additional accessory available for purchase. No, it will not warp!

Should it not have been included as a lot of the recipes use it and it is shown in the accompanying photos


Palo, it was not included.

Maybe with APO 2.0?

Considering current rapidly rising costs i’m estimating v2.0 at $997, and still a bargain. A cantilevered bottom shelf would be useful too.

I know it wasn’t included, I’m suggesting it should have been.


I bought one and the jury is out as to whether it will warp. At least they waited until they had a better pan to use. So far I have had two pans and two ovens and I still haveissues