Perforated Sheet Needed to Roast a Chicken

My first cook - a roast chicken - calls for a perforated sheet to place under the chicken in addition to the drip pan on the bottom. Did you guys get the perforated sheet? None is even available for sale on their site. So far the Anova Oven experience and service is a joke.

No perforated sheet here.

There are various accounts here and there on the web about the perforated sheet. I believe Anova are working on getting it available as an accessory.

An alternative is to get a suitably-sized stainless mesh drying rack. I got one off of Amazon that fits neatly in the shelf guides in the oven sides. Does a good job of allowing hot air circulation all around things on it. I put a tray a couple of shelves below. Some folks have experimented with salt-filled trays to reduce splashes.

Your hyperbolic ‘joke’ comment seems unfair based on the absence of a perforated tray. Anova have done a good job of producing and shipping an effective, fairly-priced, combination oven in a challenging environment.

If Anova is doing such a great job, how come the accessories used to create recipes are not available? If Anova is doing such a great job, how come the random call back in three days had me talk to a support guy who had no idea why my light was going out, and, of course, there is not light switch on the oven itself, which, of course, is a safety issue. That call was dropped by the Anova phone system. I have been waiting over a week for the guy to call me back. Beware of any support voice prompt that says the volume is higher than normal. How do I know what normal is? It just means they are cheap and understaffed. And never leave a callback number. You will get a random callback which you will miss. And the idiot company believes their duty is ended and the problem went miraculously away because somebody dialed your number. This is a highly complicated product and lots of support is needed. And when the accessories used in recipes are not available and I have to measure and hope new shelves will fit, this becomes a joke. My Breville oven miraculously came with what I needed. Shocking concept.

Anova’s own recipes show and call for using the perforated pan.

It has been asked several time about obtaining a perforated pan the will fit the oven, but there has been, to my knowledge, no response from Anova about available, cost, timing or even an acknowledgement of the issue.

Yes, I know that people can use alternative things to cook with. I do and have been doing work arounds with my oven.

How likely are you to recommend a premium product that is lacking items the manufacturer says are important to it’s operation but provides no source?

Not very likely at all. And it is even worse that you say. The shelves that came with the oven are so flimsy that they don’t fit and won’t slide, especially when hot. The aftermarket perforated basket workaround that I bought slides fine. Boo to Anova.

Hi! So sorry for the confusion. The perforated pan is an additional accessory that will be available soon. Right now, users have used cooling racks placed over a sheet pan to allow airflow, or found a 3rd party perforated pan. if you have questions please email

If you are having issues please email and we can assist ASAP. So sorry for the trouble

I bought a couple of Crestware 9" X 13" X 1" perforated quarter sheet pans, model # SP913P.
Do a web search for Crestware SP913P, many sellers will come up.
I bought them from Meat processing products. With shipping, still cheaper than Amazon, and I got 2.

I’m afraid the flaws in the oven are even worse than I thought. I bought one of the basket-type shelves and it slip perfectly in and out, unlike the factory shelves. I complained to Anova who are sending me new shelves. Of course, there is no perforated shelf as the recipe uses.

Today, I heated rolls on the top shelf and attempted to slide out the shelf to melt cheese. Locked in place! In a very dangerous situation, I forced out the shelf. I then replaced it with the aftermarket shelf which had slid perfectly. Of course, I had to transfer the food from the shelf that did not slide.

HORRORS! It would not slide. So the problem is that the oven walls deform under heat. Unheard of. I have had 4 Airfryer ovens, ending with the Breville. Not one of them had shelves that were affected in their sliding by heat. This, of course, includes the 6 or 7 home ovens I have used.

What a reprehensible organization Anova is. I am glad they are not in the drug or toxic wasted disposal business. Trading quality/safety for higher profits is the lowest kind of company.

I suggest we all demand our money back. I am hereby doing that. Maybe the re-manufacturing costs will teach them a lesson.

My oven is working well, with no major problems - flimsy supplied pan replaced by Anova with a much better designed model - I have also gone through a number of countertop ovens including the Cuisinart steam and ending with the Breville Air - the Anova is by the best of the bunch - my shelves don’t stick even after extended cooking at 450 degrees.

Regarding perforated pans my solution is a cooling rack - " Hamilton Housewares Stainless Steel Cooling Rack" - fits in the oven wall grooves - strong enough to hold a cast iron dutch oven without popping out of grooves - this one fits, do not go with “listed” sizes as I had ordered 5 different ones that should have fit but didn’t - fortunately Amazon has a generous return policy - this is pricey, but you get what you pay for.


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Hi Palo, what size did you end up for the rack please?

I replied to your email Fay, but I guess I forgot to include the Amazon link in my post. Here it is:

That’s a CDN price so it will be lower in the US


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You can buy perforated pans. There are any number of sources. Why should Anova be the only source for pans? Why would you want to pay inflated prices from a vendor like Anova when you can get the same thing cheaper elsewhere? Does Anova sell Parchment Paper? Most of the recipes also mention or show Parchment paper. So can you not find it at your local grocery? I would suggest if you are Happier with your Breville then knock yourself out. Enjoy. My personal experience with Anova has been NOTHING but professional, courteous, helpful, and quick.

Sounds to me like @SMayer would not be happy if his/her ice cream was cold.

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