Non-pork Sausages

If I am going to cook non-pork sausages, such as turkey sausages or chicken sausages, should I be following the temperature and time guidelines for “sausages” or should I be following the temperature for turkey/chicken. My common sense would tell me to use the temperature for whatever meat the sausage contains for the amount of time listed for sausages. Was wondering what others do.

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the sausage temps in the guide are above the chicken/turkey temps in the guide, but reasonably close, so i’d say you could use either.

in general though, i’d go with at least the minimum temp for the meat in the sausage. edit: (as long as its outside the danger zone)

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Yep! @Walter_Ego nailed it. Btw…Chicken and turkey sausages can both be done as low as 140F.