Oven: Pans?

I’m curious if anyone knows what perforated pans fit the oven. In the marketing we have some shots, but I’m not sure if these pans are meant for the oven. I feel like I see some photoshop going on.

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Good question! This post claims the item fits perfectly so if true, that gives us the size to look for…

Found this under Community Support (muted category?)

I’d prefer combi pans that are their own shelf. That’s typically how it works. 12x17 or 10.5x17.

I was wondering if there was a specific product. that they were using since the images even if shopped imply the combi style pan.

Agreed but couldn’t find either.
Shelves are 16.75 inches wide (verified with tape measure) so not sure 17 would fit.
Half size 13x18 would presumably not.

I measured the racks out of the even. Might have been slightly off. The desire is that the pans slide in just like the racks.

I already checked if my Breville Air pans and racks fit. Sadly, the Anova is slightly wider. The Breville racks are more sturdy for cast iron pans.

Wonder how long it would take that griddle to come up to temp, to sear things without having to use another cooking device…

Probably an hour. Many other products like it.

Take a look here:

Thanks. We actually don’t have facebook accounts. I can see the posts, but I didn’t see anything about pans. Did you know of a post about pans or were you thinking I would use the facebook group to post instead of posting here?

I saw one somewhere a few days ago but I cannot seem to find it. If it were me I would post in both places. The oven is very new and information like this is limited so far.

Thanks I guess?

We found a pan with matching grid that is 16.5 inches wide- which I’m hoping is close enough to just slide in like the racks… more when it shows up.

Thanks for reaching. Unfortunately, we do not have any perforated pans available. We are working to manufacture and sell on our site. Otherwise, you’ll have to purchase it yourself. The internal dimmensions are:

16.9 x 12.4 x 10in /
429 x 315 x 254mm


David Liu
Customer Success Associate
Anova Culinary

The more recipes I see with this perforated pan and the language used the more I think we got shorted a pan.

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@mach or @jumpjump hoping you have had more success than me finding perforated correctly sized pans?

I cooked ribs in the oven last night and the fat went everywhere when browning - they were excellent but the splatter was worse than in my large oven :frowning:

I’d agree it looks like an omission from the original marketing plan - perhaps they had supply or cost issues but I won’t be doing anything fatty until I have a better setup.

I’m assuming your supplied pan also warps even at 350f temps? Mine is pretty much useless.

Pretty sure the supplied pan is there for the descaling task and perhaps for a drip pan. I do not think it is intended to be a cooking pan. But, yes, it warps in the bottom of the oven. Worse, I notice when it warms it touches the temp sensor on the lower left rear. I have to make sure it is pulled forward far enough so when it warps it clears the sensor otherwise I’d imagine it is throwing something off.

I have some volrath perforated hotel or steam table pans. I may rig up an internal rack for them. This oven may just end up being a gateway to a Miele full size combi with plumbed water. ~10x the cost. That oven has self clean with steam and also does a 20 minute dry cycle. Might be something to consider with this oven.

Perforated, no not yet.
Hopefully can say something about this soon

Mach, low price isn’t a useful specification. Before buying consider how stamped aluminum can be prone to warping at elevated temperatures.

A cooling rack shouldn’t be confused with a perforated or slotted cooking rack that minimizes splattering which increases in convection cooking. My experience with the Vollrath brand of pans demonstrated their value for price with higher grade and gauge steel construction plus unique corner design elements.

I agree, it’s not about price here but size - challenging to find pans that will fit correctly even at 10x the price - and it’s not really meant to replace the perforated pan which we would buy if we could find one the right size.