Oven: Pans?

So what’s your objective? A pan that fits without a rack under it that is perforated or just a pan that fits in the oven on a rack? I’m not sure it would make a lot of sense to find a non perforated pan that fits without a rack under it since it would limit airflow. There is an endless supply of pans that can fit on the rack.

Even a perforated pan can be placed on a rack (if you don’t care about cleaning racks). You can find 1/3 pans that are perforated on Amazon for about 20 bucks. Good enough for a basket of vegetables etc. You can find smaller deep dish non-stick pizza pans with perforated bottoms good for smaller portions of whatever with the advantage of placing multiples on the rack. And of course, perforations are just a drill bit away for most pans…

Hey Anova People, if you drop by here for some beneficial product feedback it might be advantageous to get a few quotes from metal bangers on a large number of s/s pans that fit the oven’s rack guides.

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So what’s your objective? A pan that fits without a rack under it that is perforated or just a pan that fits in the oven on a rack?

Eventually the former, quite hard / impossible to find at the moment but Anova support says they are working on making them available for purchase. Yep I’ve seen some of the steam table pans that are not the right size

In the interim, my thought was that it would be a little easier to have more than one pan option (e.g. may retire what came with for descaling)

Mach makes a good point.

Users should also consider their needs in terms of food production. Although this Thanksgiving will likely not be substantial in numbers to serve, future family gatherings may require the use of multiple pans in your new workhorse oven.

@chatnoir are you a bot?

Ok so unfortunately the quarter-inch makes all the difference, and rather than slotting in smoothly, it’s just wide enough to stop it from just resting on the rack, but not wide enough to stop it from falling down if you don’t have a rack under it.

So, use no less than 16.75 inch width I guess… unless you just have it sit on a rack.

Jump, you’re close, - i’m a boy.

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It would be nice if this was designed for some kind of standard size pans. I went to Target today and bought some different things, and none of it worked out. Kind of annoying.

The other thing to consider is airflow. If your pan is too large, air won’t be able to flow easily all around it.

Maybe european standard sizes?

I went through our pan stock. We have a non-stick version of this pan and its working well in the oven.

We have several air fry baskets as well and they work. I just like the roaster basket since it cleans up easy.

Look for a “perforated jelly roll pan,” and you’ll find one that works. Make sure to check the dimensions, as some are slightly bigger than others.

Chicago Metallic makes one, but limited stock from larger vendors for a while.

Is there any timetable for the availablity of perforated pans that are designed to fit the oven?

For pizza steel, Amazon has this one that seems to be the correct dimensions.

I’m also in the market for a baking steel. The pizza steel you linked to would need to be put on a rack, right, since it’s not wide enough to slot into the rails? In that case, do you think these racks are sturdy enough to support that pizza steel (assuming also the additional weight of whatever item is placed on the steel)? They seemed not-so-sturdy to me and I was kinda assuming that I needed to get a custom-sized pizza steel that would slide into the rails.

Yes. My 1/2 plate didn’t fall.

You really do not want to extend from side to side. Air flow is important.

JumpJump, I bought the “Broil King 69819 Roaster Basket”, and it does not fit in the oven. The basket itself is narrow enough, but the handles are too wide. Did you bend the handles to fit it in the oven?

Funny, in the photo in your above post, the handles look more upright than mine.

as you can see, it doesn’t fit (normally, anyway):

So, I guess the manufacturer changed the design of this basket in-between then and now. :frowning: