Pork Steaks Not Juicy.

I buy a bone-in butt and have it cut into 1 1/4 to 1 1/2" steaks. I SV for 8 hours @140, then quick sear over hot coals. The tenderness is there, but the juiciness is not. I see lots of juice in the bag, so I know I’m losing quite a bit. Pork steaks are tuff, so the 8 hours seems reasonable. Any suggestions on how I can get juicier steaks, without losing tenderness?

Hi ya @NorCalQ

I am just learning SV, an amateur cooking for pleasure.

Temperature does the ‘chemistry’. Time is largely set by thermal conductivity of the piece.

I suspect that 8 hours was too long. Look for a recipe by a pro like J. Kenji Lopez-Alt.

Kenji’s recipe for juicy pork butt actually goes much longer than 8 hours. I think 8 hours was the least time I could find in a recipe.
I do beef skirt steak at 130* for only 3 hours and it also comes out not as juicy as I’d think it should be.

Cut into steaks? Slabbed off butt is steaks now, not butt.

It is the surface area to volume ratio that sets the heat diffusion rate.

Ya…pork steaks are simply sliced pork butt or shoulder.

You’re cooking it too hot and way too long. And, you’re not using the best cut of meat.

I pick up port tenderloins when they’re on sale, slice them into 2 lb chunks, and then freeze them. When I want one, I toss the frozen loin into a bag and cook it at 136°F for 2 hours.

I then slice the cooked pork into inch thick pieces that I sear in butter, with a good shot of McCormic’s Montreal Steak Seasoning, and garlic powder, for 2 minutes, total.

I begin by dropping in the cutlets and coating one side well with the butter and seasoning, turn it over, and begin the 2 minute count. Then, when the timer says there’s 45 seconds left I flip the cutlets.

So far, everyone I’ve given one for dinner has told me it was the best piece of pork they’ve ever had.

Hope this helps.

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I want to interject here. There is no way to heat pork of any kind to 136°F for 2 hours (Especially from frozen) and have it be safe to eat. Even if the pork were to somehow not remain pink inside, it will still be dangerous to eat.

It does not matter how LONG you heat pork for, The internal temp to kill harmful bacteria in pork must be a minimal of a 145°