Replacing a double boiler with the APO; cheesecake

So I’m making a cheesecake, which requires cooking in a double boiler at 325F for an hour and ten minutes, and I wondered how it would do if I put it in the APO at that temperature with 100% steam.

Worked a champ, and I was really pleased with it. Haven’t begun to fiddle the settings, but thought I’d report that positive news to the group.

hm. i wold imagine that getting rid of the double boiler (and keeping oven temperature the same) would significantly increase heat transfer rate regardless of the oven used. replacing it with a convection steam oven would further exaggerate the difference.

My experience with cheesecake in my APO is that it makes far and away the best cheesecake I’ve ever had, and that it takes about 20% less time under convection/steam. Obviously, your mileage may vary…