Request - Program light on/off in a recipe step

It would be nice to be able to control the interior light in a recipe. Possible settings would be: [default* | on | off]. (Default would be the global setting.)

This would be handy for long bakes (oxtail, beef chuck), where it makes sense for the interior light to be off.

Tnx for considering.


Ideally, there should be a button on the handle to turn it on or off. One should not have to find the remote post cooking to turn off the light to leave the oven door open when cooling. Perhaps a next gen improvement.

Given that ship has sailed, why not implement one or two of following suggestions.

  1. Post completion of the cooking cycle, have the light time out after 30 minutes or an hour? or shorter which can be default configured from the App.

  2. On long cook cycles, why not have the oven light turn off after x minutes or configure a combination of buttons on the handle to turn the light off (pressing + and - signs at the same time?) as the app does not have another more logical place to turn it on or off.

Just a thought.


Good ideas. Could be collapsed into a single, user set variable in the UI: light_off_after_N_minutes