Light turning off during cook

Weirdly, the light in my oven now turns off a few seconds after closing the door. Before I was having the flickering issue which was annoying. But I’m not sure what’s happening now. There wasn’t any update recently aside from firmware 1.01 … does anyone else have their APO internal light shut off after a just few seconds ? When I want to see inside I have to open the door which is certainly not ideal.

I am having the same trouble.

I found that Its actually a feature not an error

Under certain temps the light doesn’t trigger.

Did anyone from Anova confirm this? I just noticed mine doing this this morning, but the temp I have set is very low (85 degrees to help with my bread dough rising). I’ve sent an email to Support, but I see I’m not the only one, so I thought I’d jump in here and ask.


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Yes. They wrote to me saying the light does not turn on below certain temps especially for proofing.

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This is very annoying! I would love to be able to control if the light was on or not.

I am curious about this as well. I need the light on to see what is happening with the bread and there does not seem to be a way to turn it on.,

Although I suspect they could change this in the firmware, for now, I was told that the light is kept off below a certain temperature (89 sticks in my memory, but I absolutely would NOT trust that). The light bulb itself is incandescent, and I wonder if it messes with fine temperature control below a certain point.

Anyway, it is totally normal and the expected behaviour, for better or for worse.

Thanks so much. That makes sense but man that’s very inconvenient. Seems like an LED light in this day and age would have made a lot more sense.

LEDs cannot withstand high temps. Typically around 85C is their max operating temp. Not to mention all the other components that drive the LED also have to survive high temps. You will never find an LED used in a high temperature application.