How to switch on the light in oven?

Hi All,

I have probably a stupid question, but

How can I make the light on in the Oven during the process to see what happens inside?

Many thanks


The light should come on when you open the oven or start cooking.

Still new – using just two days… but if I put the dough in, to let it rise, set up the temperature, and switch on manually on the handle, it stays dark.

I have the same issue…going dark. Also, set for 80 degrees for my sourdough starter…but oven never gets any lower than 86. Help!!

The issue of the light being on or off has come up among APO users before and we’ve been advised by Anova that it does not come on at very low temperatures, as per design. I don’t know what the cut-off point it - but proofing is definitely in the temperature category of the light being “off”. For most normal cooking, it will always stay on to provide a view of the food. Interestingly, some people don’t want it on during a cook, and wish there was a way to turn it off! I’ve tried using the APO for dough proofing, using a sourdough method that recommends bulk proof at 78F and I found the APO would not seem to hold consistently low enough even when I set it as low as possible. Some bakers will bulk proof at up to 86F, so I figure there is room for fluctuation. As I think all sourdough enthusiasts have learned, eventually we need to be able to tell what stage the dough is at regardless of timing. Some day I hope to be good at that! As for starter, if mine needs a bit of warmth for a short time, I heat the APO a tiny bit then turn it off because it will hold warmth for a very long time. And my “big” oven has a “proof” setting which I also use for bread dough or starter as needed. My main oven seems to go up to about 84F or so at the “proof” setting - and I just turn it on or off as needed. For me, the most difficult challenge in the APO is finding settings for bread baking to give me as good a result as my Dutch oven in my regular stove . Thanks to helpful posts from other sourdough bakers using the APO, I’m now trying 450F, 70% steam on second-from-the-bottom rack (and with a full-size baking steel). That is almost working - but not nearly as consistently as my Dutch oven method. I don’t get as much oven spring and rarely get a good ear. So it’s a work in progress! And even if I don’t always use the APO for bread, I’m loving it for lots of other things!

There is is a point below which the electronics are warmer than the set temperature, especially in warmer climes. My home thermostat is set to 68 degrees, and my oven temp starts its climb from about 72. If your home is warmer than that, I suspect the oven is having a hard time overcoming the ambient temperature inside the oven.